How to Do Ear Candling on Yourself

There is a debate if ear candling is an effective home remedy to clear ear wax and debris. Therefore, first of all take a cautious approach while using it and have someone around you while doing it. This can protect you from any damage to your ear as if you do it improperly, there is an injury risk. Doctors have recommended against its use. Nevertheless, it is an effective method to remove wax and debris from your ear. Some statements claim it is even an effective way to clear sinuses and also remove harmful bacteria from ear.


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    Protect Your Hair, Neck Area

    First of all you should protect your hair and neck area, and have the person who is going to perform the ear candling to cover the area of neck and hair with a piece of cloth or towel. You should lay on one side and have a pillow under your head. Make sure the pillow is properly placed under your head.

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    Use of Candle

    Next step is putting the candle into the ear canal that needs to be performed effectively. The person who is performing the ear candling procedure should take a paper plate and make a hole in the centre of the plate. Place the plate on top of the ear of the person and then put the candle through the plate hole into the ear canal. Make sure the hole is wide enough that the candle is passed easily so that it does not tear it while putting through. Also, keep the position of the candle vertical. It should not be tilted to either side. While putting the candle in the hole, put the tapered side of it and keep the bottom side upright outside.

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    Burning of Candle

    Light the large side of the candle on the top, and let it burn until it is left about two inches shorter. Ask the person performing ear candling to put off the candle by dipping it in a bowl of water. Do not blow off the candle, it can be a risk. Also, make sure the candle is put off just at length of two inches, as burning more can cause damage to your ear and also it is difficult for you to bear if it burns through any shorter.

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    Cleaning of Ear

    After taking out candle, take a cotton swab and put some hydrogen peroxide on it. Clean the ear with the cotton swab thorough. You can see yourself if and how much wax is removed from the ear. After removing the wax, put some ear oil in the ear and let it sit in for a while so that your ear soothes. This ends the procedure of ear candling and you can perform the same function in the same way on your second ear.

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