How to Keep Ears Warm

Winters tend to get rather annoying over a period of time. This because despite you being able to wear as many layers of clothes as you want, there are certain parts of your body that remain exposed, and this tends to cause problems later on in life.

Your nose and ears are amongst the first few things to get cold when you are in the cold, and this can prove to be rather bothersome.

When your ears get cold, they tend to get very annoying and this makes people get rather irritated by the effect that it has.

You tend to feel rather annoyed, and at the same time your head starts to hurt as well.

However, there are a few ways that you can avoid getting your ears to freeze and keep them warm at the same time.


  • 1

    Don’t go outside

    Your ears will only feel cold if you step outside the house and into the cold areas. Now if you don’t do this, and instead you stay indoors, then you are bound to never have cold ears.

    This is very simple and basic logic, which doesn’t require much thinking or thought processes. However, if you can manage to make this work out for you, your ears will stay warm and very comfortable.

  • 2

    Wear ear muffs, or a scarf

    The next best thing to do is to wear ear muffs. Ear muffs are designed for the simple purpose of keeping your ears warm. Now this is what the product is described to do, so you could just follow through and use it for this purpose without really experimenting too much.

    Chances are, and ear muff will keep your ears rather warm.

    Alternatively, you can also try and use a scarf to do the trick. Scarves can be pulled up to your ear level and this can prove to help as well.

  • 3

    Use anything to cover ears

    The last step is to do just about anything to cover your ears. There are a multiple things that you can do to keep your ears warm, and these can range from putting your hands on your ears, to wearing a helmet.

    Basically, anything that keeps your ears out from being in direct contact with the cold air, will prove to keep your ears warm and comfortable.

    Make sure you try to follow any of these steps, as you look to get your ears warm and comfortable.

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