How to Create 3D Avatars

Instant messaging has grown extremely popular with the increasing number of smart phones these days, so has the use of avatars. Avatars are used widely in the cyber world and the most common use is during instant messaging. An avatar is not merely a 3D graphical image but it represents the personality of the user at the same time. That particular 3D image actually represents you in the cyber world and it is supposed to look just like you. You can create your own avatar and represent your true self while creating it. It might be a tricky job but fun is guaranteed. You don’t need to learn operating any 3D image making software but only some simple steps can enable you to make your avatar within minutes. So bring along your creative skills and set out to make your own 3D avatar by yourself.


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    You can easily find various websites which have an avatar creator and anyone can access their tool with simple steps. Normally, chatting websites offer this feature but if they don’t, you can search on the internet for any such website for avatar creation.

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    Some of the avatar makers have the advanced features on their websites which can use your real face picture and modify it into a 3D avatar. For this reason, you should have a picture of your face in advance. Save your actual picture on the hard drive of your computer so you can use it while creating your avatar online.

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    Begin creating your avatar from your body type. The easy way is to use your reference picture for choosing the body type or choosing your actual body type for your avatar. However, you can surely experiment around for a while and try out different options given for the body type on the website, like appearing a bit fat or skinny.

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    Choose a skin tone which best suits your avatar. Again you can be original or add some creativity to your avatar just for a change.

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    You can also choose various hair styles and colours for your avatar. Have some fun and try out some new styles, rather than selecting your actual hair style for your avatar. You can also select eye colour, make up or any other hair accessories for your avatar.

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    At the end, you have to select the clothing for your avatar. It depends how wider range of clothing the website provides for your avatar and you better select the one with most joyable and creative outlook.

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