How to Add Multiple Instagram Effects to a Photo on Android

Simply click a photo, make modifications in it according to your requirement and share it with your friends and family. That’s what Instagram offers its users. But let me tell you, you can even apply more than one effect/filter on the taken image before you share it with the world.

See, if one effect could make a drastic change in the photo, two or three of them would definitely make wonders. So far, the official app for Android only offers one feature, but by following this simple procedure, you will be able to add some more effects on a photo before you share it on social networking sites.


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    How to apply multiple Instagram effects

    First of all, open Instagram for Android and take a photo. You can also import the photos from gallery by using your stock camera app, but it will however require some useless cropping.

    Once you have taken the photo, select the first effect you would want to apply on the photo. Carefully adjust the light control because you are going to apply more than one filter to the image, and superfluous lightening in the image might not look good.

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    Once you are done with selecting the filter, click the forward tab to apply the effect in your image. Once, the effect is applied, the picture will be saved on your SD card in the Instagram folder. Once you are done with this process, close the app or just click the home button to suspend it.

    Now open your Android Gallery app in order to go to Instagram folder. Find out the image that you have just processed.

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    Now, open the selected photo and click the menu soft key. After this, share the app with Instagram for Android.

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    Now apply another effect on your image and process it.

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    That’s all, you can now share the picture to Instagram. And, if you want to use another filter, repeat the above steps.

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