Top 10 Human Resource Management Software’s

The basic purpose of Human Resource Management software is to reduce the difficulty level and help the relevant person to manage all things in less time. A well designed HRM software helps to design schedules, manage attendance records, accounts, salaries etc. Moreover, they also help a company’s human resource department to evaluate the performance of employees.

Finding the right HRM software pack can be a challenge but you can do it without any major trouble. Some experienced HR managers have arranged a list of software that can be very helpful to run the work smoothly.


  • 1

    People Soft:

    This software has been introduced to deal with all the problems that HR staff faces while doing their work. It offers web service integration to handle the needs of the work place where several employees have different requirements.

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    Lawson Software:

    This software has been designed to provide the HR department proper insight into the work force. It is equipped with such tools that brings a plan of action, staff members and the execution on the same page and make the evaluation lot easier for you. It also includes e-recruiting, scheduling, learning and development, performance management etc.

  • 3

    Sage Abra HRMS:

    This human resource management software enables you to manage the employee’s data. It makes possible for you to find any information by just writing a valid term in the search bar. Moreover, it also helps in payroll processing and monitoring the execution of strategies.

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    This software helps you in updating the data without changing the prior settings. This software has been built on .Net platform and it can link all the popular applications.

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    Ulti Pro:

    This software is famous for providing a unique functionality for payroll and talent management. Its web portal handles all the communication and business activities of the company.

  • 6


    If you are running a small and medium business then Taleo can help your HR department in talent management, evaluation and hiring.

  • 7


    This multipurpose software helps you in regulating procedures like employee review and engagement, feedback and compensation adjustments.

  • 8


    This software saves a lot of time and enables you to manage employee information in much less effort. It helps you in searching employee’s job history, training and qualification records.

  • 9

    Attend HRM:

    This software is exclusively designed for keeping a record of attendance. The best thing about this software is that it can work both in single and multi user mode.

  • 10


    Adrenalin has been developed to automate daily tasks, strategic reports and useful information.

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