How to Test for Internet Security

The Internet offers children and young people an incredible opportunity for discovery, communication and creativity. However, with the use of the Internet are also associated risks.

For example, it is an open window, which also belongs to adults and contains material not suitable for children. How should parents help children to reduce these risks? There is no simple answer. Risks may be different depending on the age of the child and computer literacy.

The most important is to ensure the security of personal information on their computer, which means protection from viruses and software updates. With regard to children, improve data security can be achieved by using the filter settings and filtering options inappropriate content, which are available in many programs.

Internet security is a set of methods to ensure the safety of data and information stored in the system connected to the World Wide Web. To date, it has become a very hot topic in the world. People who regularly visit the Internet should be aware of the problems that it can cause.


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    The use of only one antivirus is not enough, you'll be sure to find out about other ways to secure your computer. One of the common ways to ensure the security of information on the Internet is data encryption. It turns raw data into a set of non-readable information that can be decrypted only by a particular method.

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    Passwords are used to prevent unauthorized access to information, so that the whole computer, with all its contents is under protection. Choose a password for your computer so that other people might find it difficult to access it.

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    You can also use Firewall, software that filters unauthorized attempts to access your computer, to prevent unauthorized outbound connections. It must be configured properly to provide effective security system.

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    If you frequently download different files from the internet, then there is a good chance of viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. Viruses are small programs that install themselves, and run every time you start a contaminated supplement. These malicious programs can bring a lot of different troubles.

    Viruses can be self-replicating, and also contain a hidden function that affects the system files on your computer and in the worst case lead to the collapse of the operating system and the loss of all data. You can protect yourself from viruses when using multiple anti-virus applications that are designed to seek out and destroy found malware of this type.

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