How to Create a Fluted Column

With the drastic increase in building large houses and the increased reliance of people on architects, most of the people want to create fluted columns. There are several types of fluted column but the most popular one is round fluted columns. Most of the people prefer fluted columns on the front of their house, while some desire to have them on sides and many have shown their interest in having fluted columns inside their house. It does not matter whether you are building a house or office, fluted columns look beautiful everywhere. They can also be used in shopping malls, museums or other places. The size of the fluted columns depends on the size of building.

If you want a fluted column at your place, remember that it is not a piece of cake. Apart from the necessary materials, creating a fluted column requires a lot of hard work, skill and experience. Most of the experts think that they can make a fabulous fluted column in just a go and fail miserably. In order to make a fluted column, you should have the adequate material. Have a close look at the area where you want to build a fluted column and make sure that the colour of fluted column harmonizes with the surroundings.


  • 1

    You would need four pieces of hardwood, having a thickness of 3/4 inch. You can keep the width and length of the column up to your desire.

  • 2

    Now you will require eight baseboard pieces with a thickness of 3/4 inch and bend the end of every piece at the angle of 45.

  • 3

    Use the table saw at an angle of 45 degree and cut the edges of your pieces. Remember that the edges at 45 degree will help you in making a good shape of the fluted column and will fit each other.

  • 4

    Now you can put the saw away and use wrench. To put nuts into the wood, you would have to take help of the wrench. You would have to insert holes at the edges.

  • 5

    Now you should take help from the blade and cut your column pieces at a straight angle. Make sure that the blade does not move and hold it firm while cutting.

  • 6

    Now you should attach all four pieces together. It should be vertical and straight. You can tighten all four corners.

  • 7

    Now you should wrap all four pieces together and your fluted column is ready.

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