How to Create a Terrarium Garden

A terrarium is one of the most beautiful indoor gardens that is created in a glass container which gives it a unique look. Furthermore, it is very easy to maintain as compared to other gardens because of its small size. You can place it on shelves, desks, night tables or any other place to make your house look more attractive.

Things Required:

– Light potting soil with plenty of drainage
– Pebbles or gravel
– Activated charcoal pieces
– Sheet moss
– Gloves and a long-sleeved shirt
– Decoration (at your own discretion)


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    First of all, you have to decide which plants you want in your terrarium garden. You can choose any plants of your choice. However, it will be better for you to use smaller plants as they are easier to maintain. In addition, you must choose a plant which can grow well in high humidity. If you are looking forward to create a terrarium for the first time, Baby’s Tears will be a good choice for you.

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    After deciding about the plant, you have to buy a glass container. There are many different types of glass containers which mainly include cloches, bell jars, aquariums, vases, tureens, wardian cases or lantern cloches.

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    Then, you have to decide the place where you will keep the terrarium. It is extremely important for you to keep the conditions of light, temperature and surface in mind before deciding where to place of your terrarium. Different plants require different kinds of conditions to grow well. But, mild conditions (not too hot or cold) suit almost every plant.

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    Buy the supplies which are needed to create the terrarium. For instance, you will require potting soil and gravel. Besides, you can also use small pebbles in place of gravel. You must also buy the sheet moss and other decorations e.g. shells, small statues and garden gnomes to make your terrarium more beautiful.

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    Clean the glass container and place the soil, pebbles and plant in it. Moreover, place the decoration pieces in the container. Place the moss and add another layer of soil. After placing the soil, add a little water to the container.

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    In order to keep your plant healthy, water it regularly and use fertilizer occasionally. But, never use anything in excess.

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