How to Create a Wildlife Habitat

What else can be better than having chirping birds, bees, colourful butterflies and fireflies in your backyard? All you need to do is to provide them food and shelter. There is no doubt in that it is really difficult to create a wildlife habitat but a couple of standard measures can make this job easy.

Normally, it is believed that you need a big working area to attract wildlife but this is the wrong notion as you can beautify your backyard by doing just a few things. You won’t have to spend too much to support wildlife.


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    First of all, you should select plants wisely as you need different types of plants to attract all kinds of birds, bees, butterflies etc. You may consult people who have done this before or just browse on the internet to make a list of useful plants. Usually, birds make nests in the trees while small creatures like butterflies are attracted to colourful flowers.

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    Visit your nearest nursery and buy those plants. Make sure that they are not dying rather they should be in full blossom. Most of the times, nurseries also provide you a person to relocate these plants but you can do it yourself by making it a family activity.

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    Following a pattern not only pleases your eyes but it also attracts wildlife effectively. If you want to plant trees for nesting then make sure they have started growing. Moreover, you can make it trendy by planting bushes around these trees.

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    Add some variety in your plants. Do not just rely on trees and vines. Make different sections if you have enough space in your yard. Place flowering shrubs in the ground where you or your kids can water them easily.

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    You should also make a corner of berry bushes because birds and honeybees are more attracted to fruit plants. You can pick blueberries, blackberries or raspberries etc. Similarly sunflower, coneflower, cup plant and other herbs also catch the attention of wildlife.

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    Place some bowls/pots for birds to drink water. Change the water after couple of days to prevent disease. You can engage your kids in this activity and you will see how well they take care of these little things.

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    Another good idea is to build a pond in your backyard and then buy fish to make it more enjoyable. However, make sure that kids do not get close to the pond as it can become a safety issue.

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