Bailey Knows Travel Offers Concierge Services for Your Dog

From unique dog adventures to aromatherapy for canines, man’s best friend has graduated to benefiting from concierge services.

At Bailey Knows Travel they recognize that the new breed of dog owners treats these four-legged friends like family.

The company is dedicated to world-wide travel experiences with your canine.

From walking tours in historic cities to off-leash beaches and areas for dogs to roam Bailey’s also allows guests to bring kids and sometimes cats and horses, too. Travelers can also experience workshops on holistic pet care, private breakfasts and meals where you pet can attend along with you, and seminars on pet nutrition, training techniques, Fly ball, agility courses, grooming, and other skills. Doga, yoga for you and your dog, is also included.

Each travel adventure offers on-site doggie day care. Partnering with experienced, full-service travel agents, Bailey’s provides vacation experiences for both people and pets.

Bailey’s also offers companion concierge finding the best place for you to stay with your pet, including maps from your hotel to the nearest vets, emergency animal hospitals, groomers, pet stores, and pet sitters as well as information on research, activities, and pet services.

Donna Carsten is owner of Bailey Knows Travel.

“I will never forget the first time my dog Bailey first saw the Pacific Ocean,” she said. “Bailey Knows Travel was born as a way to continue to carve out options and alternatives for folks like us, who want to have travel experiences with their dogs.”

Carsten said books and websites are great sources for information but they all should be confirmed regarding recommendations.

“Travel with your dog is a wonderful experience and with so many options available, our services continue to grow,” she said.

Staff includes Deborah Nabb, who owned and operated a dog care facility written about in Dog Fancy and Fido Friendly Magazines, among other experts.

Past adventures include ones such as Sightseeing in Sedona and a trip to Santa Barbara among others.

At the Tenaya Lodge in California, pet-friendly rooms are available but must be booked over the phone. The resort also has a pet walking and pet sitting service if you plan to dine in the restaurants or indulge in a pampering spa treatment. The pet concierge there suggests bringing a favorite toy and familiar blanket for your pet as well as medications, leashes, leads, dishes; etc.

For more information on Bailey Knows Travel, call 800-880-5070.

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