How to Create an Animated Star With Flash Motion Tween

Flash is a great program developed by Macromedia and Adobe, which allows its users to create different types of animations. These animations can then be used in different videos or can just be used as icons.

Flash has become one of the most used software program to develop online games. People make different characters and objects using flash and combine them to create one big program, video or a game.

Creating an animated start using Flash is not a difficult thing to do, provided that you know the basics of the program.


  • 1

    Open Flash animation video software and create a black or navy blue background for your new project. Now you need to right click on the frame 30, appearing at the timeline present above the “Edit” window, and select the "Insert Key Frame" option.

  • 2

    On the timeline, you will see the "Insert New Layer" icon. Click on it and you will be asked to name the new layer. You can name it “Star”. Once you are done with creating the new layer, click on it, and select “Polystar" tool.

  • 3

    On the toolbar, you will see the “Options” button. Click on it, and from the list of options, select the "Tool Settings" box. Change the settings for the star you are creating. Select “Star” from the “Style” field, and select “8” in the “Number of sides” field. Also, set the “Star point size” to “.10”.

  • 4

    Once you are done with setting up star’s properties, you can select the colour of the star, as per your preference. For that purpose, you will have to click the "Fill Colour" box and select the colour of your choice.

  • 5

    Now you can draw the star on the background you created in the first step. For that purpose, click on the background, and pull out the points of the stars, to change the size and shape of the star, as per your needs.

  • 6

    Now you should click the frame 15 of the timeline and change the size of the star, as this will make the star to flicker. Also, if you want the star to spin during the animation process, then you should change the angle of star. Once you are done with changing the size and angle, enter the key frame as you did in the first step.

  • 7

    Now right click the first frame and select “Create Motion Tween”.

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