How to Create an Efficient Workforce Within Your Enterprise

As an entrepreneur, you might have an innovative idea, a brilliant startup and workup plan, and best of all the desire to stand tough in the face of all odds. But, that is you and as a budding entrepreneur, what you should always remember is that an enterprise is not all about you. Off course, you are driving force, but under you there is a whole team of people and the efficiency and energy of this team will dictate whether your venture translates into success to failure.

It is therefore important to motivate your people and knit them in a fabric of a high powered team. That is off course easier said than done, but in this article I will give you the golden rules which should be kept in mind whenever you plan on making a strategy to address this issue.


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    Let Everyone Know Important They Are

    What is the biggest and foremost desire of any young and aspiring employee?

    Money, position and respect – yes to an extent, but what he or she really seeks is the recognition, the acceptance of the fact that he/she is an integral part of the enterprise.

    Try to highlight the positives of your employees and never shy from publicizing their achievements. Make them feel important and owned and they will go out of their way to impress you even more.

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    Don’t Let the Standards Fall

    Keep a constant quality check and if you feel that the output is not in accordance to your perceived standards, quickly put your foot down. Do not be condescending, rather help the individual or the team involved with the project with your feedback or expertise if the situation demands.

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    Create a Culture of Open and Honest Communication

    Traditional managerial methods have created a culture in which employees shy away from openly revealing their though process and feedback. There is always a constant fear of a backlash. As a good manager/entrepreneur, you have to shelve that culture. Encourage your team to come up with honest and cut throat feedback, if they feel something is not being done correctly. And to encourage this culture, give them some incentives like bonuses, letter of appreciation etc.

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    Trust Your Team

    When you assign a project to the team, don’t poke in unnecessarily every now and then. Trust their talent and abilities and let them come up with a finished product. Make them responsible and they will respond.

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