How to Create and Edit ID3 Tags in iTunes

For years, music lovers have had no problem keeping their music organised properly, courtesy of the CD covers and booklets that came along with the albums. However, ever since the shift of music from physical to digital form, organising music according to their title and other information has become somewhat of an issue. Fortunately, Apple has acknowledged this issue and allowed the music lovers to add and even change the ID3 tags, which is basically the information about the song or album, to the audio files and podcasts through iTunes.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to launch iTunes. A shortcut for the programme will be typically located on the desktop. However, if you do not find it there, then click the start menu at the bottom left corner of the screen, move the mouse cursor to “All Programs” and scroll through the new menu that slides open to find and click iTunes. It is best to have an updated version of the programme installed on your computer, as it will offer more features and options.

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    After you have successfully located and launched iTunes, navigate to the music or video file that you wish to add the information to. You can add the information to both the podcast that you are sending to others, as well as the file that you purchased from iTunes.

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    After you find the file that you wish to add the information to, right click it and select “Get Info” from the context menu.

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    Click on “Info” tab in the new window that pops up. For audio files that you have either purchased from iTunes, you will already see some information in the “Info” tab. However, you can modify the existing information, or add additional information. In case you are working with a podcast file, the Info tab will be completely blank.

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    Proceed to adding the ID3 information to the file. ID3 information includes the title of the album, composer and the year in which the song was composed. You can also select the genre of the song by using the drop-down menu, which is located at the bottom. Click the lyrics tab and write or paste the lyrics in the blank field if you want to add lyrics.

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    If you are adding ID3 information to a podcast that you can distribute to others, you can put ID3 information such as website address in the comments section, which is located under the “Info” tab.

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    Add album art or a picture of your choice to your audio file by clicking the “Artwork” tab and then dragging a picture saved on your hard drive into the box. This picture will be displayed when you play the file in a media player as well as on iTunes.

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    Once you are done editing the ID3 tags, click the “OK” button.

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