How to Connect a Windows 7 Computer to the Internet Via an Android Phone

If you are away from your wired or WiFi connection, you can use your cell phone connection provider’s internet service on your computer. To use the data connection of your cell phone on your computer is called ‘tethering’.

You might have a lot questions in your mind that whether tethering is legal or not? Whether it is easy or not? How can it be helpful for you?

Well! This article will help you to know the procedure of connecting a Windows 7 PC to the Internet via an Android Phone. It is to be noted that this article doesn’t aim to present the process in a complicated way. Furthermore, there are many methods which can be used for this purpose. But we will discuss the easiest method which will help you to understand the procedure in a better way.


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    First of all, determine whether your phone can create a WiFi hot spot? If you are unaware of the answer, don’t panic. Just search for ‘Android phones with hot spot’, along with your phone’s model number and you will be able to know whether it can be a hot spot or not.

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    Then, you need to download, find and run the Hot Spot app. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup your hot spot. You have to keep in mind that there is always some extra charges that your must agree to pay on monthly basis. It will be important for you to download the app from a reliable link which will not harm you PC by any kind of Virus or Trojan.

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    Select ‘start tethering’ on your app in Android. Now, your phone has become a WiFi hot spot.

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    Please make sure that your WiFi connection in turned-on on your PC. On some computers WiFi can be turned-on by using a button, but on other PCs there is a software switch for it which can usually be seen in a toolbar tray in Windows 7. You can see these settings by going to Control Panel and then in Networking.

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    After turning your WiFi connection on, you need to refresh your wireless networks after which you will see a name like ‘Android Tether’ or ‘Android Phone’ in the list.

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    You can now connect to the Android Tether wireless network just like you connect with any other network connection which is in your surroundings.

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    Open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera) and start surfing whatever you like.

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