How To Create Audio books From EBooks

EBooks are intangible books which can be kept in computers, laptops and smartphones devices such as iPhone. With the advancements in the field of information technology, the use of eBooks has increased significantly. You can buy an eBook from online bookstores or you can access them at online libraries.

The eBooks are quite convenient to read as compared to traditional tangible books which are often hard to carry because of their weight. However, sometimes it is difficult to find an appropriate time and place to read a book (or an eBook). So, you can keep audio books with you as a perfect alternative of reading.

You can create audio books from your eBooks by following some simple steps which have been discussed here.


  • 1

    Locate the eBook which you want to convert into an audio book. You will find out that there are many formats in which eBooks are available. Secure all the text before transcribing the eBook. You should know that you can also download eBooks from different websites. Some are free, but for some you have to pay a certain amount of money online in order to buy its license.

  • 2

    Before converting your eBook to audio book, you will have to get clearance from all the authors and publishers.

  • 3

    After getting the necessary clearance, you have to gather the required accessories. You should have a good professional microphone so as to record your voice in a good quality. But, if you cannot afford a professional microphone, you can buy the one which is in your reach.

  • 4

    Now, go to a quiet room and put blankets or foam pads on the walls to minimise the echo effects.

  • 5

    Open up your computer and download a reasonable voice recording software from the internet (there are many voice recording programmes available on different websites).

  • 6

    After downloading, install the voice recording software and open it. Now, click ‘Record’ option and starting reading out your eBook. You have to make sure that your microphone is not too near to your mouth to record your voice clearly.

  • 7

    When you are done, click ‘Stop’ button and save you file in MP3 format. Then, burn the file to a CD or send it to your MP3 Player. You can also send this file to your iPhone or iPod, but for that you will have to convert it into ACC format.

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