How to Create Characters for a Stop Motion Movie

Being smart and doing things that impress people is something that everyone wishes they could do. However, not many people are able to do this, simply because they aren’t gifted enough.

Now, if you are amongst the few who are gifted and you seem to have some artistic talent, and you are interested in movies, what you could do, is create a stop motion movie. A stop motion movie is a movie that is made with a lot of pictures, if you were to sum things down. It is just like any other movie, only you use clay figures, who perform the actions in the movie. The trick here is that you have to set them for each step separately, and for each second that you shoot, you have to set the characters up in at least twenty four different ways.

This is why it is crucial to create the right character in order to do this properly.


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    Now the first thing that you need to do, is to go down and read the script. You are going to have to pick up cues from the script, over just what the character should be like.

    You will get an idea if they are human, an alien, an animal or something else. Based on this, you can get to drawing some initial blue prints. Draw out some plans on paper, and have a few people take a look at these sketches.

    Once you are given the go ahead by everyone else, go ahead and ask your CGI experts, to make the drawing a 3D model on the computer.

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    After they have done this, you are going to have to go on and create a model of the character out of clay. This is going to be very tricky, since you are going to have to get the help of a number of experts, who are good at this sort of thing. Once you have initial clay model, use it as a reference and create a few more, all with separate emotions.

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    You can now modify the clothes and other aspects of the model, based on the scene and the script. At the same time, you can change up the colors and the hair styles of the character based on the scene and the emotion that you are looking to depict in that specific scene.

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    You are more than likely going to have to make more than one character, till you end up coming up with one character who fits in the movie and the role perfectly.

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