How to Sew Curtains

No matter how beautifully your house has been built and how neatly it has been decorated. If there are no curtains in your house, it may not give a complete finished look. Although having curtains in your house basically means privacy but as they are part of home décor so they need to be elegant and stylish. If you go to the market for buying curtains of your choice you will certainly realize that they are almost as expensive as the other households. Nevertheless, if you can buy the cloth for the curtains it is not very difficult to sew them at home by yourself.


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    When I first started sewing curtains, I had lots of issues. Some of, which were easy but others had to do lots of reading on. For example I was working on some curtains using a polyester sheer fabric. the problem I ran into was I couldn't seem to be able to sew the side seams, all along running the length of the fabric. Every time I did, it would tighten up and end up being shorter than the rest of the curtain.

    My other problem was that I typically hand sew and did so for fun rather than professionally.

    After doing lots of research I found you have to loosen tension, I set the machine on the longest stitch I possibly could, and to make sure it doesn’t shrink up, I held the fabric taut, in front and behind the needle.

    Enough with my sewing problems, please read on and have fun.

    Here are easy to follow instructions:

    Once you have chosen the cloth for the curtains and the type of rod to hang them, now measure the stuff, and cut two identical pieces using scissors or a rotary cutter such that the total width of fabric is wider than the size of the window.

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    After you are done with cutting then give some finishing touch to the fabric. Slightly turn the boundaries of the fabric and put them under the sewing machine hemmer so that you sew all the sides smooth.

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    Starting from one end of the fabric, fold it about 1 inch and then press it down with properly heated iron such that it creates a strong crease over the fabric. Repeat the same to make two more folds and then a series of pockets with even spaces having three folds in each.

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    In order to make pocket for the curtain rod, stitch a 3 inch wide cloth at the back side of your curtain. Make sure that the boundaries of the stitching should over lap those stitching that you made for finishing the fabric.

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    As you are done with making the pocket for the rod, fix the hooks on the pocket area that will be holding the rings in the rod. Finally iron your rods in order to remove wrinkles and prepare them for hanging.

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