How to Create Compelling Content for a Website

Writing is an art and you should master yourself in it. Although writers naturally have an instinct to grasp things around them and then convert them into creative writing, there still comes a time in their blogging life that they are left with no ideas. Blogging is not only about writing, but it also includes quality, along with an audience. But the question is, how to gain an audience? However, precautions must be taken and due diligence must be given when writing your content, since in the quest to find success, you may end up doing things that may not prove to be as fruitful as you wanted them to be. And to give your content the right touch and generate interesting ideas, you merely have to look around yourself to find inspiration.


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    Gather information from ten blog posts of different blogs. Try to learn the way they write. Following the market leaders will provide you an opportunity to learn from the best of the best!

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    Group Brainstorming:

    It’s time to sit together. Not to munch on popcorn, but to generate ideas! Consider sitting with offline, online or blogger friends of yours and get working.

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    Ask Your Readers:

    Feedback is an obvious source for you to review your writing, so always ask the reader to leave a comment after going through your write-up. The feedback can be in the form of positive and or negative criticism – learn to embrace both with open arms and generate ideas from them.

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    Interview Someone:

    Asking questions, and asking too many questions are different. Try to interview someone to come across interesting facts, and since learning never ends, don’t let the process stop. Conducting one-on-one interviews help in gaining a better insight into the topic at hand, making the content more fluent and easy-to-read.

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    Let a Guest Write:

    Requesting other bloggers to guest post on your blog is a great idea to generate new content. Explore the world and contact leading bloggers to gather new ideas. Adopting such habits also help in networking.

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    Best-Case / Worst-Case Studies:

    For those who have a major writer’s block and can’t come up with ideas, case studies are always beneficial as you come across information that hasn’t been thought by you before. Search for companies, gadgets or explore different websites.

    Explore information related to the factors which make them the best, or which pull the attention of audience in best-case scenarios. On the other hand, vice-versa techniques should be adopted in case of worst-case scenarios, including factors that made them the worst, or reasons for people disliking them. Such examples always keep the readers interested.

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    Review Something:

    Pick any given product or service and start writing about things that you like and dislike about it. Analyze the product/service thoroughly and in the end, provide with a solid conclusion that has your opinions and suggestions about it.

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    Share your Success/failures:

    Try to firm your ground and then let people know about your success and the success factors. Try to be polite and share lessons that you have learnt in the process of climbing up. Likewise, there are no qualms about sharing your failures and the lessons learnt out of them.

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    Try some of your previous posts which have generated a lot of viewership, and package them in a new way. Re-write the old stuff and present it in a way that it seems new.

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    Movies & Television:

    Movies that have been among the top watched, or even those movies that have never been watched will surely provide you with writing ideas through their characters and story lines. The same applies on different television series.

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    Books & Comics:

    To engage users, fiction is always helpful and so, you should focus such authors or titles. Poetry is also very helpful in keeping the reader glued to your blog, and so are comics to attract a younger audience.

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    Top Trends & Celebrities:

    Write on latest trends and top celebrities. This will not only push up your SEO ranking, but also help in being informative for your readers.

    Celebrities are jack pot for bloggers since readers are always looking around for hot and glamorous topics.

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    Take a Walk:

    At times when the writer is short on ideas, then having a walk might define about where to target, what to target and how to create.

  • 14

    Watch a Play:

    To rouse ideas that have never been a part of your thinking, a theater is the perfect place.

  • 15

    Expand your Cultural Horizons:

    Look around for new ethnic pubs, bars or restaurants, as this change can provide you with a lot of new creations. Expand your mind by introducing it to different cultures.

  • 16

    Get personal:

    People around the world are keen to hear stories about others. Come up with a post that explains what you go through. Or an experience in your life that changed your perspective forever. Let your readers know about you so they can feel connected to you.

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