How to Make Money Selling Recipe Videos Online

Regardless of whether you are a professional cook, a housewife or someone who just likes to cook and bake, if you have an amazing recipe, you might have considered selling either the finished product or the recipe itself. Fortunately, you can now do so using just the internet and make money doing what you love, all from the comfort of your home.


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    This is the perfect platform for you if you want to sell your recipe videos to a global audience. You need to start by making a few videos, which is not very hard if you have a recorder, a digital camera or a smartphone with a good camera sensor. Simply gather all your ingredients and start filming, you can either perch up the camera on a tripod or ask someone to hold it while you work.
    Make sure you cover everything in the video, starting from describing the ingredients and going all the way to the end. You also need to be specific about any preparation you might have done beforehand in order to shorten the video. Remember, your video will only sell if it has something others don’t. For instance, you can mention important tips and tricks related to the recipe and its ingredients, which people are not likely to find on the internet.
    Cover everything in steps and keep talking throughout the video to explain what is going on. Once you are done, transfer the video to your computer and view it to make sure everything is good to go.
    Now you simply need to sign up on and make a free billboard to sell your video. Put down a brief description of your recipe, and what the video includes. You can also add information about yourself so that potential clients can relate to you. In the end, you simply upload the video and put a reasonable price on your billboard.
    Share the billboard with your social network contacts so that it gets a following and if you have enough backers, you can easily get featured in the popular billboards section on the website.

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    This free service has been the choice of many, and uploading your videos here is simple. However, making money from them is not to easy and depends on showing advertisements, which only work once you gather a massive following. You can use this service in tandem with by uploading small previews on Youtube and then linking them to your full videos on, this will bring you more traffic and potentially increase the number of sales you can make.

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