What is Forum Etiquette

Online forums have become very popular among the global audience, since they have many benefits. One of the benefits is that people sharing the same interest can discuss the topics they want to know about, learn from each other’s knowledge and experience and spend some quality time. It is must that forums should be avoided to discuss any topic out of agenda, use of abusive language and content is avoided and a genuine sense of helping each other is promoted online.


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    It is always better to start with your introduction before indulging yourself into actual discussion. Be brief and do not give some unnecessary references.

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    Know the agenda or topic of the discussion. Do not expect someone discussing with you something about politics if the topic of forum is medicine.

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    Use easy and comprehensive language. Do not be impressive and use words that might be difficult to understand.

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    Do not use abusive language. Not even slang words. Using even rude words are banned, and it is possible that you are reported to moderator of the forum and are expelled from the discussion.

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    Although you can lead the discussion, it is better to wait for others to share their thoughts as well. This can lead the discussion in a proper way and chances of sharing more information are increased.

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    Follow a proper code while pasting pictures, tagging or other such material. Do not paste any stuff that can offend others, or is not relevant to the point of discussion in the forum.

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    You should also respect  the viewpoint of other members. It is possible that you might happen to see or read some unwanted stuff from another person. So be patient and just point it out to the member politely.

  • 8

    Respecting others, and especially their viewpoint, is essential in the forums discussions. Do not expect everyone to be as knowledgeable and experienced as you are.

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    If you do not know about the topic you are planning to discuss on the forum, it is better you do your homework and prepare yourself about it. This can help you be involved in discussion in more productive way.

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