How To Copy a Picture Link From Tumblr

According to a recent survey, Tumblr, the free short-form blogging website, is getting more daily visits from teenagers and people in early twenties than what is undoubtedly the most popular social networking website in the online space, Facebook.

If you are one of the millions that use Tumblr on daily basis, you would have probably come across a certain image in a blog that you loved and wanted to share with other. However, you may have noticed that the URL for that image is not that easy to find.


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    Open your web browser and navigate to the Tumblr blog from where you intend to copy the link of the picture that you want.

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    Once you reach the intended blog, locate the time stamp at the bottom of the post and click it to display the permanent URL for the Tumblr image post in the browser’s address bar.

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    Click the mouse pointer on one end of the link, hold the click and drag it to highlight the entire URL that is being displayed in the browser’s address bar. Just to be certain that you have highlighted the correct URL, make sure that it appears to be something like this, "(blog name) string)/(post title)."

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    If you are looking to simply get a direct link for the image instead of the entire post, you will have to do things a differently. If you have a Firefox browser installed on your computer, navigate to the Tumblr blog post with the image whose link you want to copy. Right-click the image and select “Copy Image Location.” If you are using the Google Chrome browser, navigate to the blog post, right-click the image and select “Copy Image URL.” If you are using Internet Explorer, navigate to the blog post, right-click the image and select “Properties.” When the “Properties” window pops up, locate and highlight the URL displayed in the “Properties” window right after “Address.” Once the URL is selected, right-click it and select copy.

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    After you have copied the image location by following the procedure for the different browsers in the previous step, paste them in your browser’s address bar. Do that by right-clicking the address bar and select “Paste.”

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    You can paste the URL of the image in other applications as well. Be careful not to copy someone’s personal image and misuse it though, as that is morally wrong and can also get you in legal trouble.

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