How to Cancel a Craigslist Posting

With the boom in online trading over the last decade or so, millions product or service selling ads are posted every day by internet users all over the world. Craigslist, eBay and Classifiedads are some common websites used to sell products or services over the internet.

You may have posted an ad to sell a product on Craigslist, for instance a car. It has been weeks now that the car has been sold already but you will keep receiving replies to your ad because it is still visible to people who are looking to buy a car online. The only way to stop these replies is to remove or delete the ad from Craigslist so that it can no longer be seen by a prospect buyer browsing the Craigslist. It takes only a couple of minutes to cancel a Craigslist posting.


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    If you had posted the ad as a non-registered user, Craigslist would have sent an email to your email account asking you to verify the ad. Search for the email from Craigslist in your email inbox and open it.

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    Inside the email, there will be a link for cancelling your ad. Click on the link. The destination web page will have a ‘Delete this posting’ button on it. Click the button to cancel the Craigslist posting.

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    However, if you are a registered user on Craigslist, cancelling a Craigslist posting does not require you to locate a particular email amongst thousands of emails in the inbox. With your Craigslist username and password, login to the ad posting service at Craigslist by clicking on the ‘My Account’ button in the top left corner of the Craigslist home page.

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    A list of all the ads you posted after signing into the as posting service will be available on your account page. If you have posted lots of ads recently, search for the ones that relate to products or services you have already sold. Next to each ad, there will be a ‘Delete’ button. Simply click on it for all the ads that you want to remove.

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