How to Create Exercise Rubber Bands

You can create your exercise rubber bands yourself at home, although the cost of it might be greater than the cost of those you can buy from the market. Nevertheless, it is a good experience to create your own bands. If you have not done the task before, it is better to search about it, to know about the material and steps needed to create bands. You can personalise these bands with your own signatures. You will just need to make sure that the bands fulfill the basic specifications.


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    Create Handling

    On one end of rubber band, you will need to create handle, to handle the band while exercising. Start with stretching tube on the floor, and then thread on one part the plastic pipe segment. The segment should be positioned inward, while other part of the tubing should be left outside by about four inches. Make sure you mark the right place for threading the pipe segment. It should be fixed properly.

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    Pinching End

    After that, turn the handle perpendicular, and then fold the other end of the fold to other side it. Then pinch it to the area roughly four inches below the handle. Make sure you pinch at the right place, and fix it thoroughly. This is tricky part of the creating your own rubber band, but you do it successfully by taking special care of each step described in the process.

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    Staple Pinched Area

    To fix the pinched area, you can use four to five staples. Stapling the area is the most effective way to hold the handle tightly to the tubing. Make sure the staples are through to both sides of the tubing and molded inside properly.

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    Creating Second Handle

    To create a handle on the second end of the tubing, you will need to follow all the steps and procedure, which you have done for the first one. You will have to put a pipe segment on the second end of the tubing and then pinch it. At the end, make sure you staple the area.

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    Use Quality Tubing

    Make sure you use quality tubing to create an exercise rubber band, as otherwise excessive stretching can make it useless quickly. It can also cause a safety risk for you. Be assured about the quality of rubber of the tubing you are using to create your own personalised rubber band. If the tubing has been lying around, especially exposed to sun, for a considerable amount of time, it is likely that the rubber's quality has been deteriorated.

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