How To Create Garden Skin Lotions

Most of us don’t like to use chemical-filled beauty products, especially those having a sensitive skin. The products available in the market can cause other serious skin issues if they don’t suit you. It is always better to opt for the herbal and natural treatment of skin for prolonged use. You can grow certain herbs in your backyard garden and can effectively use them to make your own skin lotions at home. This beauty product won’t cost you as much as those you buy from any store and you can have a renewable supply of skin lotions and creams from your garden!


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    Sweet almonds have been used in skin care treatments for years and their effectiveness is recognised by all. Take just an ounce of sweet dry almonds and crush them with a mortar and pestle or a blender to make a grain. A blender will serve the true purpose and avoid extra labour of pulverizing the almonds.

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    Keep adding small amounts of water while grinding the almonds until you make a thick paste. Your lotion needs to be absorbent and hence you should add sufficient amount of water not to make it too thick. Save your almond lotion in a dark bottle and keep it in your refrigerator for your regular use.

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    Cucumber has amazing skin rejuvenating properties and a lotion prepared from it can be really beneficial for most types of skin. Add half a cup of distilled water in a saucepan and put one chopped cucumber into it. Simmer the contents for 20 to 30 minutes over moderate heat.

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    Take a thin piece of cloth and strain the cucumber pieces from the liquid. Add tincture of benzoin to the strained liquid. This will add up antiseptic properties to your lotion and make the liquid creamy. Pour in less than a half cup of distilled water into the mixture and let it cool. Store your cucumber lotion in a dark bottle and use it as desired. Make sure to shake the bottle every time you use the lotion.

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    Organic watercress is very beneficial for dry skins. Add a handful of cleaned watercress to 2 cups of boiling distilled water in a saucepan. Simmer the contents on moderate heat for about 10 minutes and your skin lotion will be prepared. Apply it to any rough skin areas on your body like a mask and rinse it out after it dries.

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    Any lettuce, except for the common head lettuce, can be used to make an effective moisturizing cream. Steep dark leaves of lettuce in distilled water and then simmer for 30 minutes in a covered saucepan. Mash the boiled leaves and then strain them after adding few drops of tincture of benzoin. Use the homemade cream daily to maintain your skin moisture.

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