How to Create Scan Lines in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful graphic editing tool which lets you tweak and modify digital images in hundreds of different ways. For instance, using Adobe Photoshop, you can create a cool computer scan line effect. This effect proves useful when trying to enhance the look of content and headers of a website. Moreover, using the scan line effect, you can make any digital image look like the famous Star Wars hologram in a matter of minutes.

Things Required:

– Adobe Photoshop installed on a computer


  • 1

    Launch Adobe Photoshop by double clicking the icon placed on the desktop or clicking the Photoshop icon found in the menu. You will have to allow a brief moment for the programme to load completely.

  • 2

    Once the programme loads, create a new Photoshop file by clicking the ‘File’ button and then clicking the button labelled ‘New’. The ‘Width’ of your canvas should be 2 pixels whereas its ‘Height’ should be 4 pixels. Check to ensure that the option labelled ‘Background Contents’ is set to ‘Transparent’.

  • 3

    You will need to enlarge the image you just created because initially it will be very small. This can be accomplished by selecting ‘View’ and then ‘Fit On Screen’ and thus zooming in on the image. Alternatively, pick the ‘Magnifying Glass’ tool and click on the image to enlarge it.

  • 4

    Colour the upper half of the image you created white using the ‘Pencil Tool’.

  • 5

    You will now need to name the pattern. For this purpose, select the ‘Edit’ option and then select ‘Define Pattern’. Use ‘scanline’ as the pattern’s name.

  • 6

    Choose the image to which you will want to add the scan lines and open it in Adobe Photoshop. You can use any image of your choice such as a photograph or a sketched image.

  • 7

    Select ‘Layer’ and then select ‘New Fill Layer’ followed by ‘Pattern’. The field captioned ‘Name’ will have ‘Pattern Fill 1’ typed in it. Leave the field as is. There is no need to change it. However, you may want to type in ‘scanline’ in the ‘Name’ field to ensure that the pattern you created earlier is used. Change the ‘Opacity’ of the image to 30 percent and then click the ‘OK’ button.

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