How To Cure Dry Cracked Cuticles

One of the worst things about winter are dry hands and cracked cuticles. Cuticles are the tiny folds of thickened skin that form the base of your nails. In winters, when the temperatures are low and the humidity level in the air is also down, moisture in your skin reduces considerably, turning your once soft and smooth hands into a bed of weathered cuticles. Cracked cuticles can also occur because of exposure to harsh chemicals, lack of moisture or from over-washing of the hands and feet.

If your cuticles are also dry and cracking then make sure you add a cuticle cream to your manicure routine. Rub this cream into cuticles like a lotion to make the skin around the nail bed moist and soft. You can easily find a cuticle cream in the market. You can also use a few home remedies to effectively cure your cracked cuticles.


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    Apply lots of moisturizer

    The first and foremost tip for treating dry and damaged cuticles is to apply lots of moisturizer. There are a number of cuticle moisturizers available in the market, which you can easily find at the nearest cosmetic or medical store. Such moisturizers can be purchased in three different forms – employing cream, wax and oil based formulas. Buy the one that suits your skin type and apply it several times in a day. All you need to do is take a small portion of the cuticle moisturizer and rub it gently on each of the cuticles. Let it stay there, don’t wash immediately.

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    Vitamin E oil works wonders

    In the day time, treat your hands with an intensive care moisturizer that contains shea butter or vitamin E. Both vitamin E and shea butter help your skin heal quickly and combat harsh weather conditions as well. If you cannot find an intensive care formula containing these elements then buy your favourite moisturizer and add the vitamin E yourself. Take a vitamin E capsule, easily available at health food stores, and warm it slightly by holding in your palm. Puncture the protective coating of the capsule, squeeze the oil and rub it into the skin that is dry or cracked.

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    Make your own overnight cuticle cream

    You can also make your own cuticle cream using some common household items. Take ½ cup mayonnaise. Add one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice to it. Coat your hands completely with this mixture. Rub it gently into the skin, especially around the nail beds.

    Take a pair of cotton gloves, microwave them for 10 seconds on high and then wear them overnight. Wearing gloves will not only allow the cream to penetrate the skin, but will also protect your hands from the dirt and dust in the air. In the morning, remove the glove and wash the cream away with cold water.

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