How to Cut a Pineapple into Chunks

An edible fruit form the family of tropical plant, Pineapple is considered to be one of the most favourite berries. It takes approximately twenty to twenty four months in its flowering and about six months in its fruiting.There are varieties of edible items in market, which are made up of pineapple, besides that you can also find canned and glazed pineapple chunks to use them in deserts and salads, depending upon your requirement.

Pineapple’s resemblance to pine is the reason which is why it is named as pineapple. It has a special way to remove its thick and rough skin to enjoy its natural flavor.


  • 1

    Take a pineapple and lay it down on a vegetable cutting board. With the help of a sharp knife, remove its crown and the base.

  • 2

    Place it on the board vertically so that you can easily remove the core of the pineapple. Take a small knife trace a circle around the core, then take a sharp knife and follow the pattern made previously in order to remove the core.

  • 3

    After discarding the core of the pineapple, do not change its direction and start peeling off its skin with the help of a knife. Be very careful you might cut your finger.

  • 4

    Be sure that you are removing the skin properly or else you might experience sour taste instead of sweet while eating.

  • 5

    After discarding the skin and the core lay down the peeled pineapple on the board and cut them into small chunks.

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