How to Bake a Potato in the Microwave

Is your hunger pang bothering you? Are you sad and missing your wife, daughter, mother or sister who would usually give you good tasty food every time you ask for? Has all the frozen food in your freezer finished? Are you out of cash or too lazy to go to your nearest grocery store? Do you want simple, easy and tasty food just in minutes without putting much effort?  If your answer to these questions is right then the simply solution is bake of potato.


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    Don’t worry, all you need for this is a microwave and a potato which you can easily find in your vegetable basket. So just go to your kitchen and find that vegetable basket. It is usually found near the stove. Take out a potato and if you want to eat more than one then take out as many as you want to eat.

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    Put the potatoes in a bowl and then into your sink. Turn on the cold water tap and wash them thoroughly. Make sure all the dirt is washed away and your potatoes are clean. Then take a microwave bowl and put it in your microwave oven. Usually all microwaves have an option of “baked potatoes” but if your microwave does not have that option then simply put the cooking time to ten minutes and start the microwave.

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    After 6-7 minutes, take a knife and poke it inside all the potatoes one by one. If the knife slides in easily that means the potato is baked and is ready for eating and if it is not then put it in the microwave again.

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    After ten minutes, repeat the same knife procedure. If you cannot find a knife in your kitchen then you can even use the back of a spoon or fork. Utensils are usually placed in the kitchen drawers.

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    The baking time can vary according to the heat of your microwave as well as the size of your potato. The larger the potato is the more time it will take. So it’s preferable that you use potato which is of medium size.

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    Once your potatoes are ready and baked then simply take them out of the microwave and allow them to cool down after which you can cut them in half.

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    Add salt and pepper according to your taste. To make this meal tastier, try adding some cream, cheese, butter, a pinch of salt and some grounded chilies along with some pepper in a stove. Heat them for a minute and then pour the mixture over potatoes.

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