How to Make Mayonnaise from Scratch

Are you mayonnaise lover; have tried many types of mayonnaise available in jars in the market and have always wondered how it is made?

Well enough of wondering then. We will take you through a detailed guide of how to make mayonnaise at home. It will be way more delicious then the mayonnaise you buy from the market, and you have the added benefit of using hygienic ingredients, something that is not often the case in the marketed products.

It can be made at home in only 20 minutes with the help of easily available ingredients and you can always experiment with the final taste.


– Three Egg yolks
– (¾) cup of water
– Half teaspoon of white pepper
– One teaspoon of sugar
– One teaspoon of mustard
– Four tablespoon of flour
– One fourth cup of vinegar
– One cup of oil
– Half teaspoon of salt


  • 1

    Take a pot. Wash it properly and allow it to dry.

  • 2

    Now add flour, half teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of mustard, one teaspoon of sugar, one fourth cup of vinegar, half teaspoon of white pepper and water in it.

  • 3

    Mix all of them thoroughly till a good consistency is achieved.

  • 4

    Now start cooking on a medium flame and keep on stirring simultaneously until the mixture becomes very thick.

  • 5

    Now remove the mixture from hob and add egg yolks in it, one at a time. Beat the mixture them with the help of beater.

  • 6

    Now slowly add oil in it and beat again. If you think that the mixture is becoming too light, it means that the amount of oil being used in not appropriate. What it also means is that you might have neglected a step in the previous processes. This however can always be covered up, by adding the oil slowly and checking up on the consistency.

  • 7

    Now take a jar. Wash it thoroughly so that there is no flavour of the previous product which was in it. Allow the jar to dry completely and then add the mayonnaise mixture in it.

  • 8

    Cool the mixture in the fridge before serving. Your egg mayonnaise is ready.

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