Cut a Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie can be defined as a method of cooking in which meat skewered on a spit is constantly rotated over a fireplace or in an oven until cooked. The fact that the cost of rotisserie chicken is comparable to that of a whole chicken makes it quite an affordable meal. Before you can serve a rotisserie chicken, you will want to know the right technique of cutting it. Cutting a rotisserie chicken might not be easy the first few times. However, with enough practice, it will become fairly simple.

Things Required:

– Knife with serrated edge
– Cutting board
– Serving platter


  • 1

    Get rid of the packaging in which the rotisserie chicken was enclosed or wrapped when you bought it. Place the chicken on a flat cutting board. It is easier to cut a rotisserie chicken on a flat surface rather than an uneven surface because the chicken remains steady. The binding used for tying the chicken legs to each other may still be in place. If that is the case, cut through the string.

  • 2

    Set the rotisserie chicken in a horizontal position. It should be on the same side as your dominant hand. For instance, if you are left handed, place the chicken towards your left hand side. This will make the cutting process easier for you.

  • 3

    Using a knife with serrated edge, cut through the point where the chicken’s leg and thigh make contact with each other. This can be accomplished by pulling the leg and the thigh away from the chicken and cutting simultaneously. Do the same with the other leg and thigh. Separate the thigh from the leg by cutting through the joint that connects them.

  • 4

    Right above each of the chicken wings, make a deep horizontal cut. Carve the meat falling between the cuts that you just made into thin slices. While carving the chicken, start at the outer breast edges and work inwards. Remove each chicken breast slice you carve and place it in the serving platter.

  • 5

    Cut through the point where the wing is attached to the rest of the chicken and thus pull out both wings. Place the chicken wings in the serving platter. Remove solid chicken pieces, if any, from the chicken cavity and then discard the cavity.

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