How to Make Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

Thanksgiving Days is not limited to meeting friends and family members over a turkey themed dinner. If you are a couple living on your own away from your family members, you can make this day memorable just by finding joys in the little things, one of which is a dinner for two. The main thing is to take care of your partner’s preferences and create a cosy environment. The settings depend on your aesthetic sense. Some of the main tips for making a thanksgiving dinner have been discussed in this article. You can always innovate according to your specific situation though.


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    First of all, you will be required prepare a turkey breast at home. It is recommended to cook only a portion of turkey instead of the whole bird as it will be enough for just the two of you. The turkey breast piece will require considerably less time to be cooked or roasted in the oven. Make sure the oven temperature is not too high to prevent the Turkey from drying out. There are many recipes to cook the turkey breast; you can follow any one of them.

    Another good but non-traditional way to buy cooked turkey breast, or any other part for that matter from the market, or a resturant. This will not only save you time, but will also ensure that you are not tired by the time dinner starts.

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    Cook fresh vegetables and place them in decorative glass serving dishes. Plan a light dessert to compliment the Thanksgiving meal. Chocolate dipped strawberries, banana pudding for two or a Crème Brûlée make excellent choices. Of course, if you think it’s really not Thanksgiving unless there’s pumpkin or sweet potato pie, then make them in tart sized pans.

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    Create a pleasing table setting. Decorate a small intimate card table on one side of your dining table with colourful linens, candlesticks and a Thanksgiving centrepiece. Your table setting should create an atmosphere of romance and warmth, making the Thanksgiving meal even more attractive and appetizing.

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    You can use plenty of beverages during the dinner and after it. Go for the ready made ones to minimize the exertion.

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    You should also cater for some starters. Go for light things like garlic bread, soup, or something which is light and is adored by your partner.

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