How to Cut Calories to Lose Weight

Losing the unneeded calories is the first thing that comes to mind when people want to reduce weight. However, you should know how many calories you need to be consuming in order to get weight loss results. It is easy to determine how many calories your body needs and use that calculation to cut calories from your daily intake. From there on, you can turn your diet over to a calorie counter to tally your total caloric consumption. You have to follow certain steps to find out the amount of calories you should eat every day to lose the desired weight.


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    Find out how many calories you need to burn?

    If you want to cut calories from your body, you have to calculate the amount of calories you need each day to perform everyday activities. You can get this number by using a calorie need calculator. These types of calculators are easy to use and they only require you to give information about your height, age, weight, gender, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, and your energy level. The calorie need calculator will give you two numbers. The first will tell you the amount of calories your body will need to work normally if you do nothing, and rest in your bed all day. This is known as your based metabolic rate or BMR. The other number is the number of calories you need to eat to continue and maintain your present body weight.

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    Eat fewer calories

    You will need to consume fewer calories than this second number if you want to lose weight. Nevertheless, before this step you have to find out the amount of calories you are actually consuming in a day. This will give you an approximate idea of how many calories you will need to lose from your daily diet. Therefore, keep notice of your daily meals and count calories in your food intake. There are also a number of free calorie counters on the web.

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    The ideal amount of calories

    If your caloric intake is 2400 each day and you are eating 2650 you need to lose 500 calories a day (reduce 250 to get your target caloric requirement and lose 250 to reduce weight). You should know that 3500 calories is equivalent to around one pound of body fat. This suggests that if you lose 250 calories daily you will lose about two pounds in a month.

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