How to Cut Food The Proper Way

Anyone who cooks meals from scratch has to spend a great deal of time cutting and chopping food from meats to vegetables and fruits. While it may seem likeĀ  a simple task, food needs to be cut properly in order for it to cook well and look good. Keep reading to find out easy ways to cut your food properly.

Things Required:

– A set of good sharp knives
– Cutting board
– Salt
– Paper towel


  • 1

    Make sure the knife is sharp

    Before you start cutting and chopping, be sure that the knife you are going to use is sharp enough to cut the food in one go. If your knife is not sharp, it may slip off the food and cut your finger or hand.

  • 2

    Choose a knife that your are comfortable with

    Whilst knives wary in terms of blade width and sharpness, most people have one universal knife that they use in the kitchen to cut and chop herbs, vegetables and meat fillets.

    You should choose a knife you find comfortable to use, but make sure it is large and has a slightly rounded bottom edge. This will make chopping easy for you without lifting the tip of the knife from the cutting board.

  • 3

    Clean your cutting board and place it over a smooth surface

    Wash your cutting board, pat dry with a paper towel and then place it over a smooth surface where it is stable and does not slip.

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    Cutting the vegetables

    When cutting vegetables, start by peeling their skin and removing the seeds and pits. For vegetables without seeds and pits, such as cucumber, celery etc, cut a small part off each end and discard. When slicing vegetables, apply cuts on a slight angle, this makes cutting easier and your food will look better when presented on the dining table.

  • 5

    Cutting fruits

    Fruits are generally soft and easy to cut, but most people make the mistake of cutting a fruit while holding it in their hands. This is very dangerous, since the knife can easily slip and cut your hand.

    Always cut the fruit in half first, making it safe and easy to slice it in the shape and size of your choice on the cutting board.

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