Top 10 Fast Foods that Make you Fat

Fast foods are hard to resist. The present generation is addicted to them and we see many fast food chains opening up on daily basis. From the road side stalls of fried goodies to dine in restaurants, there is fattening fast food everywhere. It results in obesity and many other diseases. If we keep on consuming them without any sort of exercise, there will be a lot of health issues.


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    Triple Whooper at Burger King

    Burgers are very high in calories as we all know but when its triple whooper with cheese on the menu, you are talking about 1230 calories with 82 gram of fat. Nobody consumes it alone so add the fat of French fries and a coke with it too. This is one burger you should avoid if you don’t want your waist line to increase.

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    Stuffed Crust Meat Lover’s Pie at Pizza Hut:

    It is the best pizza under one roof. It is tempting and unhealthy. Although the other dishes are fattening too but stuffed crust meat lovers pie tops the charts. There are 42 grams of fat in one slice. 2 slices will make up 1000 calories in just one sitting. So you need to avoid it for your health.

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    Deluxe Breakfast at McDonald’s

    It has sausage, eggs, biscuits, hash browns and pancakes with syrup and margarine. These are all delicious items and make you drool. These make up a total of 1220 calories in the start of the day. It may be very delicious but your waist and hips will regret it later.


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    Caramel Pecanbon Roll at Cinnabon

    The sweet aroma of cinnamon is enough to attract you to have a cinnamon role at cinnabon. There caramel pecanbon is very famous and definitely a winner when it comes to taste. It has zero nutritious value and 1100 calories in just one role. Even having it once every week will make you fat.

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  • 5

    Double Meat Classic Tuna at Subway

    We consider subway as a healthy choice. When it comes to classic tuna with double meat, the health factor disappears. There is abundance of mayonnaise and cheese. It has 55 grams of fat and 800 calories.

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  • 6

    Extravaganzza Feast at Domino’s

    This deep dish pizza is cooked with pepperoni, onions, ham, olives, beef, mushrooms, sausage and abundance of cheese. The cheese, ham and beef add a lot of calories to it. two slices contain 46 gram of fat and 860 calories.

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  • 7

    Caramel Cheese Quake Blizzard at Dairy Queen

    Dairy queen is a winner when it comes to desserts. The cool and creamy desserts are enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings. The caramel cheese blizzard has 500 grams of fat and 1290 calories. The stats are enough to warn you against this treat.

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  • 8

    Double Patty Hamburger

    This is a common fast food found in many chains. It is the standard choice of many. It surely satisfies your hunger and your taste buds. The rich burger has 33 grams of fat with 576 calories. Think again before ordering it the next time.


  • 9

    Mashed Potato Bowl (with Gravy) at KFC

    Fried chicken is the standard choice when we go to kfc. One of the sides is mashed potato bowl with gravy. Just one bowl has 31 gram of fat and 690 calories. It is a meal in itself, not a side order.

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  • 10

    Ice cream Milk Shakes

    These are available everywhere. The cool drinks seem perfect for summer and for your sweet tooth. These are unhealthy as they are high in sugar, fat and have a lot of cream in them. 1 big glass had 500 calories.

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