How to Order Boysenberries for Canning

If you are a fan of berries, there is a good chance that you may have tried and fallen in love with the boysenberries. The sweet, rich-flavoured hybrid of blackberry and red raspberry is amazing to taste. Not only are the berries great to taste, the flavour can be preserved throughout the year, thanks to them being ideal for canning.

Since the juiciest boysenberries are only available for a short season, placing an order for them in advance is ideal. You can either get them from a farmer’s market, or purchase them online.


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    One of the first things that you need to do is to find a farmer’s market. Scout the area you live in to find a farmer that grows or has access to boysenberries. You will to travel around a bit to find the farmer that you are looking for. It is best to inquire about farmers growing or having an access to boysenberries from the farmer’s market instead of blindly going from one end of the area you live in to the other. The perfect time to carry out the search is early spring.

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    If the initial search and inquiry was not successful, expand your search to other areas as well. You will have to visit farmer’s markets in neighbouring areas, i.e. towns and cities. One of them is bound to have berries available in them. You may also run into a farmer who will be taking season orders in advance.

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    In the worst case scenario where you are unable to find berries in any farmer’s market, be it in your area or outside of it, use the Internet to purchase them from a farm, no matter which part of the world it is in.

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    Once you have successfully located the farmer who grows boysenberries or has an access to them, get to him as soon as possible and place an order with him. Even though boysenberries are available in the United States of America in the July, it is strongly advisable to place an order for them as early as spring. Some farmers are more than happy to reserve boysenberries for customers. You may be required to make the payment for the reserved order in advance, a pretty reasonable demand by the farmer.

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    If you were able to find boysenberries in a farmer’s market at a distance from the area where you live in, do go over the details of how and when you will pick up the berries, or talk to the farmer about delivering them to wherever you want them to be delivered. Be sure to settle all money-related issues in advance, so that there is no unnecessary complication or confusion later.

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