How to Reheat Leftover Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular and common foods eaten world-round. This is due in large part to its versatility, ease of making as well as the ability to combine elements such as grains, vegetables, meats and dairy (cheese) to form a complete meal that can be eaten without the need for utensils.

Beyond the above, pizza is a common take away/delivery food. Issues do arise however when discussing how best to reheat leftover pizza in the most effective and delicious manner possible. Although many may opt to use the oven or microwave, the following guide details what we have found is the best way to reheat pizza that is crisp on the bottom and hot and melted on the top.


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    The Pizza

    The night before, once you are done eating it is very important to store your pizza properly. Whether you elect to keep it in the box, in a sealed container or foil, it is important to refrigerate pizza.

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    The Tools

    The secret to reheating pizza the right way is to use a good non-stick pan with a lid. Procure one of these if you do not have one, as they are invaluable kitchen tools.

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    Set the Heat

    Remove the pizza from the fridge and then place your pan on the stove top set to low heat. Once you have done so, place your pizza slices (as many as can fit so that the bottom is completely on the pan and slices are not overlapping) in the pan and cover with the lid.

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    Check Up

    Every 2 minutes, check on the state of your pizza to determine when it has been heated. You are looking for melted and hot cheese as well as the smell of pizza (unmistakably awesome).

    If you require more time, simply place the lid back on the pan and wait another 2 minutes.

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    Once Ready

    Once your pizza is nice and hot, carefully remove it from the pan (with a fork or by tilting the pan) and into your plate. It is now ready to be enjoyed.

    Always check how hot the cheese and toppings are before tearing into your slice.

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