How to Cut Lime Wedges for Cocktails

A large number of chefs consider the presentation of food as important as the flavour itself, and tend to come up with elaborate garnishes which can take a food item to new heights in terms of visual presentation.

The final touch to most cocktails is a simple lime wedge, which makes a drink look beautiful and cleanly sophisticated. Lime wedges spark up cocktails and can be squeezed into the drink for added flavour. A cocktail glass with a lime wedge stuck on one side gives off vibes of freshness and flavour. The colour of the lime itself is so vibrant that it increases the craving for the cocktail and sets the expectations very high indeed. It is, therefore, very important to know the right way to cut a lemon wedge for a cocktail.

Things Required:

– Lime
– Sharp knife
– Cutting board


  • 1

    Wash the lime well before you start. Since the lime will be in contact with your drink and might just end up becoming a part of it, it needs to be clean of any impurities like dirt, or any other food ingredients.

  • 2

    Place the cutting board on the kitchen counter. The knife that you use should be sharp enough for a straight paring cut. Using a sharp knife is very important for a neat and fine wedge.

  • 3

    Place the lime on the cutting board. Hold it with your left hand and use the knife to slice it in half. Now, place the halves on the cutting board with the flesh side down and cut them into quarters lengthwise. Then, cut each quarter into two by slicing them in half. You will now have eight small lime pieces.

  • 4

    You will now need to score the wedges so that they stick to the glass. Place each piece on the board and place a cut in the middle of the juicy side. The cut should be half of the length so that the wedge remains intact.

  • 5

    The wedges are ready now. Pour the drinks into the cocktail glasses. Then, run a wedge around the rim of each glass so that it gets a lime flavour which will taste nice when the drinker is sipping the cocktail. Finally, stick one scored wedge on the rim of each glass.

  • 6

    If you are not using the wedges straight away after cutting, cover them with plastic wrap to retain the moisture and place them in a plastic container in the refrigerator. This way, you can keep the limes fresh for three to four days.

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