How to Deal With a Tattoo You Dislike

The fashion for tattoos has been originated since ancient times, when the tattoo was considered a sign of a tribe and carried ritual significance and reference. Having passed through the centuries, the practice has not lost its relevance and significance.

Nowadays, more and more people decorate their bodies in various patterns with tattoos. Though the process of applying a tattoo is very laborious and painful, men and women come in large numbers.

There are two types of tattoos: permanent and temporary. However, people under both categories of tattoos can get rid of them in case they start to dislike them.


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    Camouflage is the easiest way to get rid of any tattoo. The essence of this method lies in the fact that a new colour is applied close to your skin tone over the old tattoo. The result of this method does not always live up to expectations because bright pattern cannot plausibly camouflage skin area in most cases. Therefore, camouflage method can only hide pale and small tattoos.

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    Surgical method is another method to get rid of the tattoo to start to dislike. The process involves cutting down the tattooed area of the skin followed by the imposition seams. The thickness of the truncated portion is also impossible to predict. So, the penetration depth depends on the dye. Excision is a rather painful operation, so it is performed using anaesthesia. Only one session allows you to get rid of any tattoo, but can cause inevitable scars.

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    The third possible way to remove a tattoo is Cryosurgery. This process follows deep tissue freezing. First of all, liquid nitrogen is applied to the tattoo with a special swab resulting in postoperative skin with strong swells and then it is covered with a dry crust for a few days. About a week later, the crust falls off. The disadvantage of this method is the scar fades over time.

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    Mechanical method involves sequential removing of the layers of the skin with a special device. The operation is performed after anaesthesia. Initially, doctors remove the epidermis, and then all the underlying layers. Mechanical method makes the skin area extremely sensitive to any infections.

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    The last possible measure that can be taken to get rid of any tattoos is laser therapy. Such method has been accepted by many people because it helps you removing the tattoo without having a negative impact on the skin.

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