How to Have a Nice Tattoo in your Back

Getting a tattoo is something that used to be considered to be rather taboo in the past.  A tattoo used to represent a tribe or a clan that someone belonged to, and was used to distinguish one person from another.

However, as time has progressed this theory has gone on to evolve a lot. Tattoos are now used as a means to represent how cool someone is, as opposed to what tribe they belong to.

Teenagers and adults all go on and get tattoos done on themselves, and feel like there is nothing wrong with this.

One of the more secretive areas to get tattoos on is your back. A back tattoo is a very hard one to get, because of its size and the fact that the area is covers is massive. You need to carefully plan this tattoo out, or you could end up regretting your decision.


  • 1

    Decide if you really want a tattoo

    The first thing you need to do before you get a big bag tattoo is to decide if you really want to get one. Getting a tattoo is no small task, since you will end up being imprinted with something that would last a very long time, most probably forever.

    This is why before you jump into it, you need to ask yourself if getting a tattoo is what you really want to do.

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    Find tattoo parlor and artist

    The next step is for you to find a tattoo parlor. Now you are going to end up coming across a lot of places that could go on and give you your tattoo, but not all of them should be trusted.

    Go to a place that is known for making good tattoos and one that you know will have good clean machines. This is something you really need to focus on, since it is what could decide your tattoo.

    You also need to pick an artist with a good history, as opposed to someone who hasn’t really been in the game for too long.

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    Pick design and get it

    The last step is for you to pick a design. Spend time over this step since it is the design that will be on your back forever.

    Make sure you are comfortable with the tattoo you are going to get and then get it on your back.

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