How to Keep Tattoos from Fading in Tanning Bed

People treat tanning beds same as lying under the sun. However, the ultraviolet rays in tanning beds are way more concentrated than sunlight and are thus far more dangerous for your skin. The risks may include fading tattoos, skin cancer, wrinkled skin and skin burns. To protect the tattoos from fading, you need to cover the skin areas which have them. There are a set of guidelines to make this possible.

Things Required: 

– Sunscreen
– Cotton swab
– Ankle sock
– Cloth pieces
– Stickers 
– Tanning balm


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    Sunscreen is not only used when your body is exposed to the sun. It can also be used when you are in a tanning bed. You need to use a higher SPF for this purpose, possibly 50 or higher. Apply the sunscreen with the help of a cotton swab and try to cover all the details of the tattoo carefully. Make sure the tattoo is completely covered with the sunscreen so that no part remains exposed to the Ultra-Violet rays in the tanning bed. Do not use your hands to apply the sunscreen as the application may be uneven in this case.

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    Cover the tattoos

    You can also cover the tattoos to reduce any risk of fading it. Use pieces of cloths to cover the area that have tattoos. For smaller tattoos, you can use stickers so that the rays do not damage the skin in that area. For any tattoos on the feet, wear ankle socks for the tanning session. Similarly, for relatively larger tattoos on the front and back, hand towels and T-shirts can be used to cover the skin area that has the tattoo.

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    Tanning balms

    This is probably the more common solution to the problem. It is similar to the sunscreen but is said to be more effective than it. Apply the tanning balms with the help of cotton swabs and wash the area after the session.

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