How to Clean Smiley Piercings

Piercing and tattoos were considered to be a taboo business but now the society has started to accept it and people who have the urge to express via these sorts of things are not isolated in any walk of life. Piercings are a hardcore technique that allows you to pinup something from your eyebrows to navel and anything can be pierced in between these two parts of the body. Lately, a hit type of piercing has struck the world that has caused a new layer of demand for the piercings industry. It is called a smiley piercing and is only visible when someone smiles at you. It is placed inside the upper lip and the whole phenomenon is so painful plus costs blood as well. However, those who are enthusiastic about making a statement via piercings are cool with it but it requires immense care and cleaning so that the damaged part of the lip heals up and doesn’t inflict any sort of infection that can be lethal in the long run.


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    Wash your hands with something like spirit that can help you clean all dirt and germs at your hand which can cause infection. The area of piercing will be swollen so you better not pinch it hard and cause more pain to yourself. Just go easy on it and take your time. The cost of getting a stylish piercing is huge but if you are enthusiastic enough to get it, you can deal with the support activities.

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    Use a non-alcohol mouthwash and gargle it every time you are done with your meal. Take immense care when eating spicy foods rather chew it from the other side of the mouth; in fact don’t eat spicy food for at least one week after the piercing.

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    Use diluted sea salt water and dib the cotton swab in it. The solution is available at the piercing shop so you can have it from there. Use the dibbed cotton swab to clean the pierced area. Do this activity at least twice a day, every day.

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