How to Make Sea Salt Soaks for Piercings

While piercings look great, they can be fairly problematic and difficult to maintain, particularly if located on a sensitive part of the body. New piercings and infections can be particularly tender, and cause a great deal of pain.

Saline solutions are highly recommended for helping new piercings heal faster, and for treating infected piercings. In both cases, dousing the area in a sea salt soak can be a great way to boost the healing process – the salt helps clear up the wound or infection, and eases any unnecessary fluids out of the drainage points.

Things Required:

– Hot water
– Non iodized sea salt or Dead Sea salt
– Shot glass


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    To begin, pour some hot water into a shot glass, or any other container that is small-lipped – a plastic bottle will work fine too. Just make sure the water you use is completely pure, and the container you use is clean, and free of any impurities that might aggravate the piercing further.

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    Once you have filled the shot glass around halfway with hot water, proceed to add non iodized sea salt or Dead Sea salt into the water. Add as much as can easily be dissolved into the water – do not add too little, but do not over-saturate either. Once you have poured it all in, mix it up until all the salt is dissolved, and no grains remain.

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    Your sea salt soak is now ready. To use, tip the shot glass over the piercing, and working quickly, place it upside down over the piercing. The glass should be pressed on firmly, to prevent the sea salt water from escaping or leaking out, and the pierced area should be trapped inside, immersed in the sea salt soak.

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    Hold the glass there for around 5 to 7 minutes. The sea salt will work to dissolve any crusts that might have formed over the wound, cleanse the entire area, and wash out any dead flesh or impurities that might be causing infection. Once the time period has elapsed, you can remove the shot glass, and rinse the area with clean, lukewarm water.

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    For optimum results use the sea salt soak regularly, twice a day, in order to maintain new piercings, and to heal the infected ones. However, if the infection persists, the matter is likely to be something a mere sea salt soak can’t cure, and you will need to visit a doctor.

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