How to Promote aTattoo Studio

You might not think of a tattoo industry as a normal business because it is still considered to be one of those taboo occupations; opened at shady places with the staff that looks a bit scary at the first glance and the equipment is very dangerous especially the one used by the old fashioned tattoo makers. It looks like it is filthy and the environment is very scary/shady. However, every business requires advertising to convey its message to general public or target market and tattoo business is no different than that despite its controversial figure in the whole market. Traditional business uses conventional methods to promote their business but the artistic nature of the tattoo business allows you to add a touch of sexy/pimpy look to your advertising campaigns that will attract the right kind of people who will come to you for the type of product that you sell. There are several options available to promote a particular tattoo studio. It all depends on how you perceive every medium and its accessibility to the target market. You can use traditional methods as well as unique ways to pass on your message to the target market. Anyways, all methods require your huge investments and you have to create a cost-benefit analysis for each method before you jump into the decision phase.


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    Local newspapers can be a decent start for someone like a studio owner. However, a tattoo business requires a bit intense and unique marketing. Arts and entertainment magazine can be a best pick in the given scenario.

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    Use internet to promote your product and display some fascinating pictures along with a dashing slogan that will attract customers. Use social networking sites on internet. Create a page on Facebook and use Twitter to spread the message amongst the youth.

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    You can also create your own website by purchasing a domain name that interests you. Post pictures and make it colourful so that the attention of the visitors is kept intact for a long time.

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    Print out flyers and distribute them to the nearest city where the outlet is situated. Flyers are designed to cover the closest range so don’t waste your time, money and effort in distributing them across the borders of a city.

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    Sponsor a small event in the city and offer free tattoo’s for those who attend the event. It will help you gain coverage as well.

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