How to Draw a Rose Tattoo

You are obsessed with tattoos and your new love is a rose especially considering that the spring season is just around the corner and you want to be the latest fashion statement amongst your clan. Maybe you are eager to get a classic rose tattoo or draw it yourself at some part of the body. You might think that it is difficult to get such a difficult shape of a rose but trust me you can do it in your sleep if you follow simple steps. You will not be drawing a tattoo of rose but drawing roses wherever you feel like because it will make your life easier and more pleasant.


  • 1

    Draw the shape of the bud at the start. Just draw a triangle shaped figure. Start the new triangle where the last one ends. Make it in a circular way so that you end up matching the first line of the first triangle to the last line of the last triangle.

  • 2

    Start to fill in the gap between two triangles by making a half heart shaped drawing. Do it with utmost care so that no gap is left between any triangles. Make sure that the centre of the rose will wrap around like a scroll. So, assure everything is going fine and according to the plan.

  • 3

    The fun part begins after the first two steps. You are going to draw the petals now. You will enjoy it if you don’t get frustrated very easily because you will have to draw them over and over again to make sure the drawing is perfect. For the starters, I would suggest that only two petal shapes should be made. Draw a heart shaped piece but make sure you put a line in between the cut of the heart and match the two points. It should look like velvety rose texture. Repeat the same step for every petal and make sure the drawing is neat so that everything looks fabulous instead of a mess.

  • 4

    Add few leaves at the end but don’t jumble up the drawing with too many off them. It is because you don’t want to depict leaves in the diagram but roses. Therefore, leaves should assist in accomplishing your goal not ruining it. Make three leaves at max.

  • 5

    Draw the line in the middle of each leaf and draw veins in a way that it forms a mirror image of each other.

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