How to Hide a Nose Piercing from Parents

Wanting to get piercings and tattoos is a normal part of teenage life and growing up, but the prospect is not particularly appealing to parents. Even if your parents refuse your requests a million times, the thought of having a nose piercing is likely to keep dancing around in your head, and you just might sneak out and get it done anyway.

Once the adrenaline wears off, however, you are bound to realise that you will inevitably need to face your parents, mainly because it is kind of impossible to not see them. In these cases, there are a number of techniques you can adopt to conceal your nose piercing from your parents – keep in mind, however, that these methods are not permanent, as you cannot hide the piercing from your folks forever.


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    Get a clear plastic or skin-coloured retainer – this is more subtle, less noticeable, and not easy to spot. Whenever you need to hide the piercing, take your regular stud or ring out, and slip in the retainer, which will keep the hole made by the piercing open for you.

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    Consider taking the piercing out entirely – this is an extreme method, as it can be exceedingly difficult to get the jewellery back in. Do not resort to this method if the piercing is fresh, as the hole will close up almost immediately – you will need to wait 8 to 10 weeks after getting the piercing, before taking it out at all. Another concern is the fact that constantly removing and inserting jewellery can lead to scarring and infections, so be careful when resorting to this.

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    Tell your parents that the piercing is fake. Resorting to lies is a last-ditch method, as it is bound to get you into big trouble later on, but if you are interested in just temporarily allaying the situation, and aim to come up with a better plan of action later, go ahead and tell them it’s just a clip-on – this will get them off your case for a short while.

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    Finally, try covering the piercing with makeup if you are really desperate. This is a pretty pathetic attempt at hiding the piercing, and will not do much in terms of concealing it. No matter how much concealer and foundation you dab onto it, the stud or ring is bound to show through – at best, you can pass it off as a strangely formed pimple, and hope your parents buy it. Just make sure you do not use this method too often, as the makeup applied to the piercing could lead to infections. A safer way to conceal the piercing is to simply put a bandage over it, and tell your parents you injured your nose.

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