How To Care for Your Nose Piercing

Piercing has become fashionable nowadays and the days when piercing was regarded as an awkward operation are long gone. You can pierce different parts of the body as this process has gone much further than wearing earrings.

Nowadays, people love lips, eyebrows along with nose piercing. One of the most common is the nose piercing. Especially this type of piercing is popular among the girls, because it allows you to draw additional attention to the face, but at the same time does not look too conspicuous.

Piercing carried a certain meaning and significance in the past, and now, most likely, it’s just a matter of fashion. In some Asian countries, nose piercing and now a mandatory attribute of culture and tradition.

The most popular kind of piercing is the piercing of the nose, as it is the most painless procedure with minimal adverse effects.

Nose piercing procedure itself is simple and it does not require much effort and equipment. Body piercing is performed with a special needle. Soreness puncture depends on the individual pain threshold of humans.

But despite the simplicity of the procedure, there is a risk of the consequences. Of course, on the wings of the nose there are blood vessels. So you should stock up with cotton, alcohol or other antiseptic.

There are several ways to take care for nose piercing and nuances to be aware of, such as yawning, not to hurt or what to do.


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    Washing the face for the first time after piercing can be somewhat unusual and even painful. You should avoid active water treatment with soap and wiping the face with the help of a rough or itching towel, especially in the area of the nose. It is desirable to limit to use cotton discs. For washing, use a special soft foam or gel without aromatic additives to avoid irritation of the skin in the area of the piercing.

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    When piercing has healed completely, it should be treated with antiseptic twice a day. Apply a suitable antiseptic solution of chlorhexidine.

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    There is a risk of complications such as swelling, infection and even blood poisoning. In the case of an emergency, there is an urgent need to see a doctor who will help find the root cause of infection and suggest appropriate treatment.

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    Once you have done the nose piercing, on top will have to fill out to apply the correct tone or cream foundation in the area around the puncture.

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