How to Discourage a Teen Body Piercing

Body piercing gained a lot of popularity and many teens are attracted to it. People get piercings on their eyebrows, noses, belly buttons etc. Some believe it makes them look cool while others think it is ugly to look at. Teens indulge into these things by getting influenced from others around them. It can be difficult to convince teens against body piercing, but it is not impossible. You being older, know it is harmful. You should communicate it to them and for that, there are some ways to make it easier.


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    You need to talk neutrally and avoid being over emotional. If you get too personal you will get a negative reaction and the teen will retaliate. They will go the opposite way as it is their nature. Especially when he/she has made up their mind regarding getting it done, you need to be very tactful. The teen might feel that you are trying to destroy their lives by interfering. Make them understand that you are doing just the opposite. Try to understand the teen’s mindset, if you know what they are thinking, you will be able to counter it better. Try to explain your point of view with evidence.

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    Tell them the harsh reality: the dangers to the body by getting a piercing done. There are many diseases that can attack a body after piercing: hepatitis, tetanus, aids etc; these are very severe diseases. The effect may not be at that very moment since a disease could attack even many years later. Show them pictures of such effected people on the internet or tell them real stories providing evidence against piercing. Do not over state facts as teens are bound to do their own research too. This way you will not be able to gain their trust. Tell them why you are against it and present your case with pictures to make it strong.

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    Tell the teen about the finances related to it. It can be expensive and the parents will have to pay the bills. Also make them aware of the fact that the medical implications are also costly. There could be allergies or eruptions that need to be treated. If they realize what a burden it is to you, they might reconsider their decision. Make them meet a person who got a piercing done and had to suffer the consequences. Ask the doctor if they can refer any patients who could talk to the teen to discourage them.

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