How to Buy Piercing Aftercare Products

While piercings definitely have the “wow” factor as far as visual appeal is concerned, the ordeal and its aftermaths can be fairly painful, with the amount of discomfort varying in proportion to the sensitivity of the pierced area. Thus, in order to avoid pain, and any swellings or infections that might occur, purchasing piercing aftercare products is a must.

In order to determine which products are most effective and safe for use, you can either consult your body piercing professional, or follow a few simple guidelines and select the products yourself.


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    While buying piercing aftercare products, it is essential to make the selection while keeping in mind the location of your piercing. If it is a sensitive area, you will need to buy a gentle, mild product which will not irritate the already tender skin, and if it is an oral piercing, you will need a product which is safe for ingestion.

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    When buying aftercare treatments on your own, it is best to stick to reputable companies that produce well-known products. H2Ocean is a popular brand when it comes to piercing and tattoo aftercare products, and a full line is available for customers to choose from. Tattoo Goo and Ink Fixx also manufacture ready-made wipes and cleaning solutions, as well as sprays that can be used for both external and internal piercings.

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    Only buy products that are recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) – this will ensure that the products are safe for use. These include products such as Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap and Satin Antibacterial Skin Cleanser. A variety of mild anti-microbial soaps is also available to choose from, but make sure you select one that is completely fragrance-free.

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    A saline solution is a must have and one of the most basic products for piercing aftercare. This can be used as a soak for the pierced area, or applied onto the pierced area with a cotton swab, depending on the location of the piercing – e.g. a navel piercing can easily be soaked, while an eyebrow piercing will need to be dabbed with a swab of cotton dipped in the saline solution.

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    If you have an oral piercing, like a tongue ring, you will need to invest in a dental rinse. This rinse needs to be safe if swallowed, so you can swill it around inside your mouth for a while, in order to attain maximum cleansing. Tech 2000, recommended by the APP, is a great option if you are looking for an effective rinse.

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    Some people are put off by using chemicals to treat skin ailments, and if you happen to be one of them, you can go for natural products for piercing aftercare. There are a variety of alternative natural treatments you can opt for, such as emu oil, which is great for healing piercings, and also safe for ingestion.

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