How to Start an Airbrush Tattoo Booth

How many times, after watching a tattoo show on television, have you wondered how the artists create those colourful tattoos? Perhaps, you might want to become a tattooist yourself someday. Well it is time to get off that couch and finally start a business which will bring you pleasure along with a good bank balance.

If you are not a master tattooist then it is best to open an airbrush tattoo booth which requires little skill as you will only be filling the tattoo with colours and sharpening up the edges.

Things Required:

– Air compressor (small sized one will do as a start)
– Airbrushes
-Stencils (optional)
– Airbrush tattoo paint
– Willing customers
– Sketches of potential tattoo designs or mock ups


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    The first thing to do before starting this business is the purchase of the relevant equipment. Remember do not be a miser when buying an airbrush, do not worry about the cost as it is imperative that you buy a quality airbrush in order to create high-quality airbrush tattoos. It is best that you learn from an airbrush tattooist about setting up the equipment because this is not an easy task.

    It needs to be remembered that without a proper compressor or carbon dioxide setup, your airbrush gun will be useless.

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    Now choose the stencils you wish to work with. Remember, the things which you were told by the veteran airbrush artist and try to pick the type of stencils which he recommended. It is for your own benefit that you choose high-quality stencils which will satisfy your clients and ultimately have a great impact on your profits.

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    You need to gain perfection in this business and for that there is no better remedy than hard work and practice. A good idea would be to spray wood, paper and vegetables just to get a feel for this art. Practicing on friends and family is a perfect way to increase your confidence.

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    You should invite your family and friends over to your airbrush booth and paint tattoos for free.

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    Establish contacts with carnival operators who will hire your services when they are in town.

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    You can also rent a stall/shop at the local market and run this business over the weekend.

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