How to Change Belly Button Rings

Body jewelry basically complements the beauty of a woman. Belly button piercing is a common trend amongst the younger generation these days. Although, it is a bit of a hassle to frequently change the belly button ring, girls stop at nothing to look fashionable. They usually wear the belly button ring according to the color of the dress they wear. The main purpose of the piercing is to show it off. There are different belly button rings available for women to wear depending on what they prefer. Some rings are normal ring like shapes, whereas others are the dangling and loop types. You need to be careful while changing the belly button ring to avoid any sort of infection in the area.


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    Wait for the piercing to heal

    If you are changing your belly button piercing for the very first time, then you have to be aware of the fact that it is not an easy task to carry out. It takes about a year or so for the piercing to heal. Once you are sure that your belly button piercing has healed completely, only then you can consider taking the ring off to wear a new one.

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    Clean the pierced area

    You should clean your belly button before changing your ring for the very first time. Bacteria can easily enter the raw piercings if you do not clean the area properly. Take a shower, use soap and water to make sure the area is perfectly washed.

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    Tantalize the belly button ring

    You can use alcohol to temporarily remove bacteria from the ring. You do not want your first piercing to have any sort of a negative impact on you.

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    Unscrew the belly button ring

    The two balls located on either side of the ring are basically what is keeping the ring intact. You can unscrew one of the balls to slide out the ring from the piercing. If any sort of pain or itching starts on the affected area, use an ointment prescribed by the doctor. By this time you will have no ring in your belly button.

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    Slide in the new ring

    Make sure that you take an appropriate size of a ring to avoid any difficulties sliding the new ring in the piercing. One ball from the ring should then be removed, and carefully placed on the piercing. Clean the new ring as well. Once the ring has slid back into the piercing, screw it back inside the piercing.

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